Adrian Pitman

Inquest into the death of Adrian Pitman

Adrian Pitman was born in 1961. There is no dispute that he died from multiple injuries after his car hit a stone retaining wall and caught on fire on Fairburn Avenue, Campbell, ACT. This happened at about 12.01 am on Tuesday 15 March 2016. The Court is aware of the sadness caused by my determination that the manner of Mr Pitman’s death was suicide by intentional motor vehicle collision. Those interim findings were made on 13 June 2019.\r\nMr Pitman had a long history of mental illness. He had completed school and commenced studying architecture at university. Mr Pitman’s mental health declined to the point where he had a long term diagnosis of treatment-resistant schizophrenia by the time of his death. Unfortunately, by March 2016 Mr Pitman was a social recluse, was subject to a community treatment order to enforce medication regimes and he was obsessed with delusions. He had been in the care of 33 different case managers since the year 2000.

Coroner Stewart on 14 October 2019


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