BROWN, Graham Douglas

Inquest into the death of BROWN, Graham Douglas

Mr Brown had been cared for by his daughter, Trudy Bittner, during the last three years\r\nof his life. Mr Brown initially resided with his daughter and as his health deteriorated\r\nhe was treated as an outpatient at the Repatriation General Hospital. On 11 August\r\n2017 Mr Brown was diagnosed as suffering Alzheimer’s dementia2\r\n. From September\r\n2017, he resided at Onkaparinga Lodge Aged Care Facility. Mr Brown developed\r\naggression issues3\r\n. On 28 January 2019 following an aggressive episode Mr Brown\r\nwas admitted to the Flinders Medical Centre. Tests were conducted and he was returned\r\nto Onkaparinga Lodge for one-on-one 24-hour care.

Brian Malcolm Nitschke, Deputy State Coroner on 02/11/2020


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