Inquest into the death of Gregory MASTERS

This inquest concerns the tragic death of Gregory Masters. Gregory died in traumatic\r\ncircumstances after being restrained in the Intensive Care Unit at Nepean Hospital on 2\r\nMarch 2017. He had been brought to hospital on 27 February 2017 following a suspected\r\noverdose.\r\n2. Gregory was 52 years of age at the time of his death. He is described by his family and\r\nfriends as very family oriented. He took great interest in his relatives and loved attending\r\nfamily events and gatherings.\r\n1 He enjoyed sports, especially football, and he loved animals.\r\n2\r\nGregory had a passion for tattooing and became a tattoo artist. He was also involved in\r\nvolunteer work for the Norman Lindsay Gallery.\r\n3

Magistrate Harriet Grahame, Deputy State Coroner on 25 September 2020


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