Jay Alan Paterson

Inquest into the death of Jay Alan Paterson

1. The death of Jay Alan Paterson, a 43 year old man at the date of his death, was reported to me on 4 September 2017 on two bases:\r\n\r\n(a) in accordance with section 13(1)(a) of the Coroners Act 1997, as he was thought to have died unnaturally in unknown circumstances; and\r\n\r\n(b) in accordance with section 13(1)(c) of the Coroners Act 1997, as his death may have been attributable to a medical procedure.\r\n\r\n2. Melissa, Mr Paterson’s wife, expressed the following concerns to me in an email sent to the Court shortly after Mr Paterson’s death:\r\n\r\n(a) From a public safety perspective, she believes strong pain medication is too readily available via prescription from medical professionals; and\r\n\r\n(b) On 30 August 2017, she called a general practitioner, Dr Peter Renshaw, from the Rutledge Medical Centre in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, to discuss numerous issues regarding Mr Paterson before Mr Paterson’s appointment with Dr Renshaw. She believed that Dr Renshaw failed to take her concerns into\r\naccount by prescribing Mr Paterson more medication during the subsequent appointment. In addition, Dr Renshaw did not conduct any physical examination before prescribing this medication. Family members could hear an audible rattle in Mr Paterson\’s chest that day and, on admission to Calvary\r\nHospital the next morning, Mr Paterson was reported to have pneumonia.

Chief Coroner Walker on 25 June 2019


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