KEIRL, Dennis Frank

Inquest into the death of KEIRL, Dennis Frank

Dennis Keirl had two brothers, Jeffrey and Stephen Keirl, and a sister, Susan Smith.\r\nDennis Keirl was the second youngest of the siblings. Mr Keirl was born in Adelaide\r\nand grew up in the suburb of Hillcrest.\r\n3.2. Jeffrey Keirl3\r\n, the youngest sibling, states that Dennis, Stephen and their father were all\r\ntruck drivers. At one point, they were all driving for the business that is now known as\r\nReady Mix. Jeffrey Keirl states that after his brother’s second divorce in 1997 he\r\nbecame a hermit and he did not see him again for a long time. He left the family home\r\nin Oakden and put a caravan on his work site. He lived there for the following ten\r\nyears. It is understood he worked almost every day, including weekends, and spent his\r\nprivate time smoking and drinking port.

Deputy State Coroner on 12/10/2020


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