KEN, Kenneth Ngalatji

Inquest into the death of KEN, Kenneth Ngalatji

Mr Ken was found deceased and alone in his cell when it was unlocked at about 1pm\r\non the day in question. He was located sitting in a chair. A ligature made from a\r\nbedsheet was around his neck. The sheet was tied to a wall mounted shelving unit. It\r\nwas apparent that Mr Ken had hung himself. There is no suggestion that any other\r\nperson was involved in this act and I so find. An emergency ‘code black’ was called.\r\nMr Ken was provided with immediate attempted resuscitative measures including CPR\r\nand the use of a defibrillator. South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS) personnel\r\nattended. Timely and adequate resuscitative measures were unsuccessful. Mr Ken was\r\npronounced life extinct by a SAAS Intensive Care Paramedic at 1:55pm.

Anthony Ernest Schapel, Deputy State Coroner on 26/11/2020


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