Lauren Maree Johnstone

Inquest into the death of Lauren Maree Johnstone

3. At the time of her death, Ms Johnstone was living with one of her two daughters, Ms Ariarne Bunyan. Ariarne heard her mother snoring at about 5:00am on 7 January 2015 before she left for work. When she returned at about 2:40pm, she found her mother lying in bed and unresponsive. Ariarne called the 000 helpline. ACT Ambulance Service staff attended but determined on arrival that Ms Johnstone was deceased. Police also attended.\r\n4. Ms Johnstone was a former police officer who retired as a result of experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder around 2010. This was associated with anxiety and depression and was aggravated by severe lower back pain. She was alcohol dependent and suffered sleep apnoea requiring the use of a CPAP mask. As a result of her psychological distress, she had previously attempted suicide by an overdose of unknown prescription medication in 2011. She was admitted to hospital on occasion in respect to her psychological condition.

Chief Coroner Walker on 4 June 2019


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