Lesley Kaye Hasleby

Inquest into the death of Lesley Kaye Hasleby

Ms Hasleby was a vulnerable woman. She had numerous chronic health complaints including liver disease, peripheral neuropathy, depression, alcohol dependence and chronic obstructive airways disease (‘COAD’). She was alcohol dependent, a heavy (a pack a day or more) smoker until her death and suffered increasingly impaired mobility. She mentally and physically struggled to leave her home environment. Whilst she remained in a long-term relationship, it was marred by domestic violence as observed by her neighbours and Ms Coad. She was not well cared for by her Mr Hasleby. Certainly in her later years, they lived in squalor, which was attested to by Ms Coad and by Constable Goddard who attended the home upon receiving notice of Ms Hasleby’s death.

Chief Coroner Walker on 20 December 2018


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