MANSVELDERS, Henri Martinus Bernardus

Inquest into the death of MANSVELDERS, Henri Martinus Bernardus

Henri Martinus Bernardus Mansvelders, known as Harry, was born on 19 May 1938\r\nand died on 17 June 2017 at Royal Adelaide Hospital on North Terrace. He was\r\n79 years of age.\r\n1.2. A ‘Death Report to Coroner – Medical Practitioner’s Deposition’ was completed by\r\nmedical intern, Dr Alexander Stevanovici. In that document Dr Stevanovici has\r\nprovided a suggested cause of death of atherosclerotic right internal carotid artery\r\nocclusion with resultant ischaemia and infraction of greater than 50% of the right\r\nmiddle cerebral artery territory.\r\n1\r\n I find that to have been the cause of Mr Mansvelders’\r\ndeath. No pathology review or post mortem was conducted and Mr Mansvelders’ death\r\nwas expected as a consequence of his stroke.

Deputy State Coroner on 12/10/2020


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