MARSHALL, Daryl Grant

Inquest into the death of MARSHALL, Daryl Grant

Daryl Grant Marshall was born on 20 September 1955 and died at the Royal Adelaide\r\nHospital on 23 August 2017, aged 61 years. Mr Marshall was formally identified by\r\nhis brother, Mr Gary Marshall, at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.\r\n\r\nA pathology review of Mr Marshall’s clinical history was undertaken by Dr Jane\r\nAlderman from Forensic Science South Australia. In her report of that review\r\nDr Alderman has provided a cause of death for Mr Marshall as hospital acquired\r\npneumonia complicating aorto-femoral bypass surgery for peripheral vascular disease1,\r\nand I so find. The pathology review noted that Mr Marshall had a history of alcohol\r\nmisuse, back pain, gastroesophageal reflux, and discoid lupus erythematosus. \r\n

Ian Lansell White, Deputy State Coroner on 03/11/2020


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