Michael Richard Hall

Inquest into the death of Michael Richard Hall

. The facts surrounding Mr Hall’s death were not in dispute. I adopt Counsel\r\nAssisting’s summary:\r\n(a) At 6am on 18 March 2017 Michael Hall set off from Fremantle in Western\r\nAustralia, intending to ride to the Sydney Opera House. Mr Hall was \r\n3\r\ncompeting in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, an ultra-endurance cycle race\r\ndesigned to test people to their limits. There is no prize or reward offered for\r\n“winning” or indeed even for completing the race. The rules of the race\r\nrequired participants to travel alone. It might be inferred that this added to the\r\nmental as well as the physical stamina required to complete the distance. Mr\r\nHall was an exceedingly experienced ultra-endurance cyclist and was rated as\r\nbeing one of the most experienced in the world. The race was designed as an\r\nindividual, unsupported challenge. Competitors had to travel some 5500\r\nkilometres along indirect and challenging

Coroner Boss on 28 February 2019


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