NIXON, Viola Daphne

Inquest into the death of NIXON, Viola Daphne

Mrs Nixon was placed on a Level 1 Inpatient Treatment Order (ITO) at 2:34pm on\r\n18 October 2018 by a medical practitioner, Dr Miriam Cursaro, pursuant to section 21\r\nof the Mental Health Act 2009. The ITO was confirmed by psychiatrist, Dr Andrew\r\nRosser, on 19 October 2018 at 11:06am.\r\n2\r\n When Mrs Nixon died on 28 October 2018\r\nthe ITO had lapsed. The ITO was allowed to lapse as Mrs Nixon was by then receiving\r\ncomfort care and no longer resistant to treatment.\r\n3\r\n Despite her death not occurring\r\nwhilst under the ITO, Mrs Nixon’s death is still regarded as a death in custody as ‘the\r\ndeath occurred, or the cause of death, or possible cause of death, arose, or may have\r\narisen’ whilst Mrs Nixon was subject to an ITO. As such this is a mandatory inquest\r\npursuant to section 21(1)(a) of the Coroners Act 2003.

Brian Malcolm Nitschke, Deputy State Coroner on 02/11/2020


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