Inquest into the death of PAP

The deceased was PAP, born xxxx.\r\nMr P died between 28 December 2014 and 5 January 2015 at his home, xxxxxx, Florey, in the ACT having been found by his former partner, and next of kin, G P on 5 January 2015.\r\nMr P was declared life extinct by Dr Thompson on 5 January 2015. Pathologist Dr Sanjiv Jain conducted the post-mortem examination of Mr P at my direction. Dr Jain formed an opinion that the cause of death was septicaemia due to hydronephrosis and infection.\r\nA contributing cause in Mr P’s death was his own behaviour in refusing to accept medical treatment and services which were offered to him in order to provide ongoing treatment following discharge from hospital on a number of occasions.\r\nMr P was a hoarder and lived in squalor. I am satisfied Mr P had an undiagnosed mental illness. That he did not actively engage with medical or mental health services, although had frequent admissions to hospital prior to and following a mitral valve replacement operation.

Coroner Cook on 23 March 2017


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