Inquest into the death of TIMOTHY ALLEN SMITH-BROWN

It is convenient to commence these reasons by reciting those circumstances surrounding the death of Timothy Allen Smith-Brown (“the deceased”) which are not in dispute.\r\nOn 4 September 2015, the deceased was driving a maroon Mitsubishi Magna along Drakeford Drive in Kambah, ACT. He was not wearing a seatbelt. Also in the car was his pregnant partner, Ms Felicity Jessop, who was wearing a seatbelt.\r\nAt approximately 5:40pm, the deceased’s vehicle became the subject of a police pursuit by ACT Policing members of the Australian Federal Police (“AFP”). During the pursuit both the deceased’s vehicle and the police pursuit vehicle reached speeds significantly in excess of the posted speed limit. The pursuit lasted less than three minutes.

CORONER on 14 August 2018


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