New South Wales

Coronial Inquests published by the Australian, New South Wales Coroner.

Madeline Newcombe

Inquest into the death of Madeline Newcombe

This is an inquest into the death of Madeline Newcombe (Madeline) on 21 July\r\n2015 at the Nepean Public Hospital following a bilateral knee replacement\r\nperformed in a single surgical procedure1\r\nby Dr Pavitar Sunner at Nepean Private\r\nHospital (the Hospital) on 20 July 2015.

Deputy State Coroner E. Truscott on 02 October 2020



Inquest into the disappearance of Katrina BOHNENKAMP

This is an inquest into the disappearance and suspected death of Katrina Bohnenkamp.\r\n2. Katrina was born to Belinda McBride and Maiko Bohnenkamp on 11 May 1997. She resided\r\nwith them until she was two years of age. In 1999 she was removed from her parents care and\r\nplaced under the parental responsibility of the Minister. Over the next 13 years Katrina was\r\nplaced into foster care, care of either maternal or paternal relatives or she was placed into\r\nyouth care facilities. Between the ages of two and fifteen she was placed with thirteen\r\ndifferent carers or care facilities. Katrina was just 15 years of age when she disappeared. She\r\nwas last seen by Police at an address on Homebush Road, Strathfield just after midnight on\r\n26 October 2012 and was reported missing to Police by staff at Guardian Youth Care (GYC) on\r\n2 November 2012.\r\n

Deputy State Coroner Carmel Forbes on 2 October 2020



Inquest into the death of Gregory MASTERS

This inquest concerns the tragic death of Gregory Masters. Gregory died in traumatic\r\ncircumstances after being restrained in the Intensive Care Unit at Nepean Hospital on 2\r\nMarch 2017. He had been brought to hospital on 27 February 2017 following a suspected\r\noverdose.\r\n2. Gregory was 52 years of age at the time of his death. He is described by his family and\r\nfriends as very family oriented. He took great interest in his relatives and loved attending\r\nfamily events and gatherings.\r\n1 He enjoyed sports, especially football, and he loved animals.\r\n2\r\nGregory had a passion for tattooing and became a tattoo artist. He was also involved in\r\nvolunteer work for the Norman Lindsay Gallery.\r\n3

Magistrate Harriet Grahame, Deputy State Coroner on 25 September 2020