Mr Alexander Peter Kuskoff

1: Mr Alexander Peter Kuskoff was 50 years of age when he met his death at about 11:28pm on the evening of Wednesday 16 September 2015.  The place of his death was his own rural property at a location known as Elwomple which is near Tailem Bend.  Mr Kuskoff, who lived alone on that property, died when he was shot twice by a police officer attached to the SAPOL Special Task and Rescue (STAR) Group.  The STAR Group is a section of the police force that deals with high risk situations.  During the inquest the officer who caused Mr Kuskoff’s death was referred to by the initials DA.  Throughout these findings members of the STAR Group, including DA and others who were involved in the incident that culminated in Mr Kuskoff’s death, will be referred to by initials only.  This owes itself to orders of the Full Court of the Supreme Court dated 13 April 2018.  I should add here that this Court is aware of the actual identities of these officers.  STAR Group officers who were called to give oral evidence during the inquest did so in open court but their identities were not revealed publicly.

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