Mr Mo Kam Tong Stanley v Coroner : Appeal

1. The applicant Mr Mo Kam Tong Stanley is the son of Mr Mo Wai Ming (“Mr Mo”) who passed away on 19 February 2004.  From 23 to 26 May 2005 and on 30 May 2005, the Coroner’s Court conducted an inquest as to the cause of Mr Mo’s death.  On 30 May 2005 the jury returned a unanimous verdict that Mr Mo died of natural causes, namely multiple organ failure arising from cerebral hypoxia.

2. On 24 June 2006 (i.e. more than one year after the aforesaid verdict was given), the applicant applied to the Court of First Instance for leave to seek judicial review of the Coroner’s Court’s verdict.  He sought to have that verdict set aside and a fresh inquest held as to the cause of Mr Mo’s death.

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