Te Hawiki Hona KIRI TE AMO

Circumstances of death: Te Hawiki Hona Kiri Te Amo (Hawiki) was a 16 year old young man who was living at 96 Middlepark Road, Sockburn, Christchurch with his mother, Esther Corlett. About 10 October 2018, Hawiki, and his cousin Hoani Abraham, travelled from Christchurch to stay with Hawiki’s father, Jeffrey Kiri at 20B Kelly Street, Opotiki. On the evening of 13 October 2018 Hawiki was with Hoani and his brother Te Poho Te Amo. The young men decided to go to the Opotiki College grounds and climb onto the buildings. Hawiki and Hoani were on the roof of the library building at Opotiki College. At the area of the skylight, the young men were kicking at the skylight when it broke causing the young men to fall approximately 8 metres, to the floor below.


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